#2 Pitching an idea

“Being proactive gives me anxiety”

I have never been one to volunteer as leader or be very proactive in professional settings. I prefer to be credited as a good worker rather than the office innovator. I know, I know, I sound exactly like the rule, not the exception. But….as my quirky aunt would say, “You always need a good workhorse but not a stallion.” (Not exactly verbatim but close ’nuff)

I just like my work environment regimented and have little compassion for people who cannot perform to my standard. I’m not going to apologize for that. Anyways, I had a “yay me” moment today at work. I finally sent that dreaded “hey boss, just noticed that there’s a lot of errors and unsafe practices lately (blah blah)….more vigilant in checking orders (more blah)” work email. I envisioned grander plans of pioneering a new service for clients but was doubtful of actual change due to increase manpower requirements. In reality, all I received was a quick reply back with quick fixes (slap a bandaid on that bullet wound, ya?). While it sounds miminal, I am proud that I pitched something useful. Maybe next time I will get a chance to spearhead a project – either way, I get paid the same but it feels nice to be the go-to guy in any scenario.

Funny of the day: 
Eggplant meme
that last pic though…with snot and all #idie


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