recent obsessions

It’s (almost) spring and my bank account is trembling because it will get a whole lot skinnier after I am done with it.

  • New swimsuitLooking at social media and bloggers alike, I always see this trendy swimsuit design, made famous by Triangl swimwear. I’m OBSESSED with the “Milly” in the gorgeous coral color. The underwire cups will make your boobs look fantastic, plus the color will really pop out against a nice tan.
    But wait, here’s the catch…its $90 for the set. No offense to anyone who will dish that kind of money for a seasonal piece but I always love having multiple bikini sets during the summer. At $90, I would feel guilty for investing any more money into my swimwear collection.
    So here I was, 1.5 years post-being in love with a swimsuit that I could not justify purchasing…and BAMN Target to the rescue. I spotted this set during my annual swimsuit perusal. It does not look quite as well-made and the model picture doesn’t look AS cute but look, $25 with free shipping is hard to beat. Purchased – hope this one pans out!
  • New crossbody
    I have a slight handbag obsession – part of the baggage (ha!) of being a female, I guess.  On a day-to-day basis, I prefer a sturdy leather tote to carry all my work essentials (read: junk). I hardly ever change work bags because it’s such a hassle so I rather invest in one good classic tote and call it a day.
    However, in my free time, I prefer using smaller handbags with a top flap and longer straps to wear on my side. Yay for hands-free options! stark_blush_0043

    And how cute is this Sole Society Saddlebag in Blush? It reminds me of higher end options, such as Chloe Marcie Crossbody bag, but at a fraction of the cost ($45 with free shipping). Uhm, yes please!

Currently watching:
Fuller House on Netflix – ah full blown childhood nostalgia. The boyfriend wants nothing to do with it so I have been watching it on my laptop after he goes to sleep at night (pshh can’t stop me!)
See recaps here (via Buzzfeed)


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