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Chasing the Sun



Happy dancersDSC00338

Busy beeDSC00352

Outfit details: Forever 21 maxi dress (old, similar here, and here), brown belt (similar here)


Stretches of sunflowersDSC00391

đź“ŤFrederick Farms (Clifton Springs, NY)

I have been a woman on a mission ever since I have seen pictures of never-ending sunflower fields in Avignon, France. Sadly, my friend and I were not able to catch them in bloom when we visited the south of France last year. I adore the way the sunflowers turn towards the sun, as if performing an orchestrated dance, and how happy I feel looking at them. Their underappreciated beauty and multi-use capabilities (oil, seeds, bird feed, etc) make them one of my favorite flowers. See how they bow down, as if they’re nodding and saying “hello!”?

Upon entering the small unassuming path to the farm, we were surprised that there was no one guarding the entrance or at least, selling farm produce. It was empty except for a lone farmer out in the fields and, after several attempts to look for another entrance, we pulled up to a stop and parked our car to the side. With a cooler full of pasta salad, fruits, and cold beverages, we had our own little picnic lunch under the shade, where the owners had set up multiple lawn chairs for visitors to enjoy (we hope!).  After satisfying our hungry bellies, we started wandering the sunflower field through the main path. The sunflower fields flanked our left and right and stretched over a hill and beyond. What a sight to behold – 70,000+ sunflowers in neat little rows, each with little busy honeybees pollinating them.

We hope to catch them again next year and hopefully partake in the hayrides they offer in late July-early August when the sunflowers are in full bloom.



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